We believe in the tales of past and the stories of future. We are rooted to serve the Basic Truth of nature with utmost respect to our environment. Founded in 2017, Basic Truth is a pioneer in serving best quality fresh organic produce with a huge heart. Our story begins with a simple question-“What if there was a trustable organic food brand?”Know more about our handicrafts.

What inspired us?

With a fiery passion to serve healthy treats directly to the society and to satiate the growing demand of fresh produce, Basic Truth has accepted the challenge, to bring you the most delicious, Handcrafted and good-for-the-world foods by applying creativity and innovation to nature's bounty.

Today, we introduce Basic Truth as an honour to our heritage that uses passion, insights, and intuition to whip natural, pure and organic ingredients into our food products.


What are our beliefs?

Wherever organic is grown, Basic Truth is there.

At the heart of Basic Truth we believe in eternity, eternity of nature that gifts us divine love and purity in form of organic food and we at Basic Truth are liable to serve this divine love directly to your doorsteps. In this way we care for both our valuable customers and our mother earth wholeheartedly.

Our Purpose over Profit.

With an aim to become a massive and trusted enabler of healthy living we are not just limited to organic produce food sellers whereas, we endeavour to make nutrient-dense food that is delicious and easily accessible, so that choosing health and caring for the environment is available to everyone.

Our Key Ingredients:

Our principle ingredient is almonds which we source from the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. To support our brand name & commitment, we only accept the organic certified, raw and unpasteurized almonds. All our suppliers supply only the almonds which are completely free from chemical pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers.

Other than the almonds, we also use salts as both taste enhancer and natural preservative. While using salt, we only use best available quality Himalayan pink salt for our product. Our supplier for the salt is also certified with natural organic certification. That makes sure that the salt we are using in our product is completely free from externally added chemical components.

We also produce sweet almond butter. For that, we never use the plain sugars, which are sometimes chemically processed or chlorinated to make it look better & brighter. In case of our product, we only accept the best available quality organic certified coconut sugar.

In our cocoa almond butter, we exclusively use the completely certified organic cacao powder.

Our Process:

Undoubtedly, Almonds are the healthiest seeds, with an optimum level of vitamin E, manganese, magnesium, copper, riboflavin, and phosphorus. To keep these nutritional goodness alive, we process all our ingredients in traditional manner, right from the roasting to organic packaging we tried to keep our nut butter completely pure and fresh. In order to keep the natural goodness of almonds at its best level we ground them using stone grounding that helps in preserving its natural oils.



Dry roasting is a process in which heat is applied to dry nuts without using water or any other moisture, like oil, to the nuts. We roast nuts & cocoa beans traditionally in a dry roaster. Roasted almonds potentially taste crisper, drier and contain less fat than normal almonds. Most people prefer the smoky taste to the raw nutty flavor. Many studies reveal that roasted almonds are easy to digest in comparison to that of raw one. We roast almonds till they acquire a dark rich brown color and produce a distinct smoked nut smell. After they are roasted, the roasted almonds are allowed to cool to the room temperature so they can attain a rich crisp texture.

While roasting, we also make sure to keep the temperature constant and sustainable not above to 76 degrees Celsius, to keep its nutritional value alive. Heating almonds to a high temperature over a particular period of time can lead to the development of acrylamide, which is a contaminant chemical, naturally formed on foods rich in carbohydrates, such as roasted almonds.


Stone Grinding:

Only the finest selection of fresh and organic ingredients are used in our Basic Truth Stone-Grounded Nut Butters. Every batch is handcrafted with love and meticulously cared for during a process which takes 1-2 days. We Grind all our roasted almonds in a stone grinder. Stone Grinding is a slow process but it helps in retaining all the valuable essential enzymes and nutrients.

The grinding stones roll slowly over a flat stone bottom surface and the nuts are crushed, mashed and grounded slowly between these stones. It helps in imparting a crunchy, creamy, and buttery texture to the nut butter that let you experience a dual flavor of crunchiness and creaminess in our nut butter. Stone grinding not only renders the natural flavors but also keeps the nutritional value at a perfect level.



At Basic Truth, if we are saying organic we actually mean it therefore, to keep our words we not only limit ourselves to the organic ingredients but also, we tried to pack our nut butter in a packaging that even the by-products of our nut butter doesn’t harm the Mother Earth.

We are using glass jars instead if plastic or tin to prevent any chemical reaction between the butter and packaging material. Even for the glass jars we use pure silicon glasses with neglected amount of lead or any catalyzers. For capping we use steam wood one of the finest wood which is chemically neutral.  Labels, Seal and even the printable ink are taken care of just in order to provide you with the actual flavor of almond and other added natural preservatives.

Choose Right, Choose Basic Truth!!!

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