1. From where can I buy your products?

We are available at Jevik Setu Indore. Also you can order us online through our website www.basictruth.in or simply drop your order at care@basictruth.in. For more information call us at 18001022002 or +91 9589005260.

2. Do I need to refrigerate my jar once opened? How do I store my nut butter?

No, refrigerating is not really required but we would still recommend you to do so. Since our nut butters contains only natural and organic ingredients with natural preservatives , they are hardly prone to get rotten. Refrigeration is recommended for products with artificial preservatives to prevent oil separation. But we suggest you to do whatever you feel is right since refrigerating will do no harm to our butter.

3. Are your nut butters vegan and organic?

Our whole range of nut butters are completely vegan and organic, since we are certified for this by the honorable authorities. 

4. Did you use any nut butter flavors with sugar?

No, we never use stuffs like artificial flavors and other chemical preservatives, instead we use natural flavors like Coconut sugar and Himalayan pink salt to add sweetness and natural preservatives to our nut butter.  

5. Is the oil separation natural process?

Yes, Absolutely! The oil separation is a natural process because the nuts once get ground releases oil naturally, so there's nothing to worry about the quality and contamination. It is completely safe to consume. Just give it a good stir, before you use.

6. What is the shelf life of your nut butters?

All our nut butters are best to use for 8 to 12 months, after the date of manufacturing. 

7. I have not received my order how can I track my order?

We’re extremely sorry to hear this! If you’ve any issues related to your order delivery, simply drop your concern at care@basitruth.in or call us at +91 9589005260

8. I would like to place your product at my local store. How can I make this happen?

Please mail us on care@basictruth.in and we will get in touch with you shortly.

9. What does you refer to about the date on the packaging?

The date refers to our nut butter shelf life which is 8 to 12 months after the date of manufacturing. 

10. I would like to use your nut butter as an ingredient. Whom I need to contact?

Simply drop an email about your requirements at care@basictruth.in and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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